1/24 Mercedes AMG GT3

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This stunning GT3 class spec production race car employs a lightweight body with carbon fiber panels over an aluminum space frame, a large rear wing, diffuser and front spoiler. The RWD racer is powered by a 6.3-liter naturally aspirated front mounted V8 engine and since 2016 has graced numerous racers worldwide including the Japanese Super GT series.


[About the Model]


Provides a stunning rendering of the glamorous long nose, short deck form with details such as bonnet and fender air outlets

Features realistic depictions of interior and suspension

Metal plated parts recreate front grille and integrated emblem

Decals are included to recreate markings

[Other Features]


[Mold Color]: Main car body parts come molded in gray, other parts come molded in black

[Includes]: Clear parts, metal-plated front grille, decals, masking sticker

[Completed Model Size]: About 19.8cm long, 8.7cm wide