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The Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank is the current MBT of the British Army and represents the culmination of 80 years of tank design. Its development began in 1986. In 1987, the design was presented to the Ministry of Defence in response to a requirement to replace the Chieftain MBT that had been partially superseded by the Challenger 1 MBT. Production began in 1993, and the tank finally entered service in 2002. This tank recently appeared in Iraq, where it proved indispensable during the battle of Basra.:

British Challenger 2 Enhanced Armour

Scale: 1:35

Item Type: Static Armor

Model Brief: Length: 336.36mm : Width: 115.6mm : Height: 92.25mm

Total Parts: 521pcs

Metal Parts: Brass wire

Photo Etched Parts: 1 piece


Total Sprues: 8pcs sprues, turret, upper hull, lower hull, tracks and poly cap

Paint Schemes: 1. Challenger 2, A Squadron, the Royal Dragoon :Guards, Operation Telic 5, Majar-al-Kabir,Southern Iraq,28 December 2004.

More Features: The kit consists of :521 parts, one set of full length vinyl tracks,1 frets of etched parts for fender, 250mm length brass wire for towing cable.