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The Challenger MBT has been the mainstay of British armor since the late 1980s. The Challenger 2 is the latest model, with enhanced electronics and better armor. Its prowess was on display during Operation Telic in Iraq in 2003. As usual, this kit shows off Tamiya's attention to design and details, including delicately formed beads, recessed panel lines, and sunken bolt heads. This kit shares the lower hull parts with the original Challenger kit (TAM35134), so the bases of the road wheel arms remain relatively simple; but this will be hidden by the side armor plates, and especially with this OIF version, beautifully molded cloth-like lower skirts almost conceal the entire length of the (re-tooled!) running gears. Many of the detail parts on the turret and hull are just beautiful (check out the fine L7A2GPMG parts!). Light lenses and periscopes are reproduced in transparent plastic. Tracks are the cementable rubber belt type. Two figures (3/4 body) in tropical uniform are included, as well as three sets of decals for OIF tanks. A "must-buy" for AFV enthusiasts!