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The M26 Pershing, the first American tank capable of taking on the German Army's Tiger I and Panther tanks, was introduced during the final stages of WWII. The T26E4 was a development of the M26 and was armed with an even more powerful, long-barreled 90mm main gun. This gun was superior to the one found on the King Tiger heavy tank and could penetrate a Panther's frontal armor from long distances. The first T26E4 was sent to the European front in 1945, with subsequent examples featuring various improvements such as a modified gun mount.

  • Turret with long-barreled 90mm gun and bustle counterweight accurately reproduced.
  • Parts included for the larger gun travel lock.
  • Movable suspension enables many posing possibilities for dioramas.
  • Accessory parts such as machine gun ammunition cases included.
  • Comes with 3 infantry figures, 2 crew torso figures, and 1 marking option.