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Here's what the fine folks at Tamiya have to say about their release of the IJN Destroyer Yukikaze: "During the Pacific War, the Japanese Navy Destroyer Yukikaze was the only one of her class to survive WWII, earning her the name of 'Lucky Destroyer.' Her courageous shape has now been immortalized as a 1/350-scale model. The Yukikaze comes precisely reproduced as seen during the Ten-Ichi-Go Operation in April 1945, including refitted anti-aircraft armament. Comes with photo-etched parts for fine details such as radar, AA gun shields, and ladders (this set of parts is attached to the inside of the box top!). You can choose to assemble either a display model with a full hull or a waterline model. Length: 338mm."

Here's what we can add: When finished, the model will fit back in the box, with a specially formed cardboard cutout to hold it firmly and safely for transport or storage. Anchor chains and propeller shafts are metal parts. A display base is included.