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The "King Kong" class guided missile destroyer is based on the US Navy's "Arleigh Burke" class. The full-load displacement increased to 9,485 tons, which was the largest first-class air defense destroyer of the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force at that time. The large-scale antenna array of the four-sided SPY-1D Aegis phased array radar was set around the bridge.

The "Aegis" system is far superior to the previous "Tatar" air defense missile system in many technical indicators such as maximum detection range, multi-target detection capability, response time, and missile range. The "King Kong" class anti-submarine weapon is the "Athrock" anti-submarine missile. Like the "standard" anti-aircraft missile, it is launched using the MK.41 vertical launch system set on the front and rear decks of the ship. This class of ship has been equipped with the "Standard" Type 3 air defense missiles from the third "Myoko" (the first two are equipped with the "Standard" 2 air defense missiles). Light torpedo developed for Japan), and also equipped with P / S (1) 2 with night vision 12.7 mmMachine gun or 20 mm machine gun.