1/48 B-1B Lancer (Premium Edition)

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Model replica of the B-1B Lancer. It is still one of the largest, fastest long-range bombers of the USAF and forms the backbone of the Strategic Air Command. This swing-wing bomber is capable of transporting 34 t of weapon load internally as well as 26 t externally. The maximum speed is 1324 Km/h.


  • Movable main wings
  • Movable elevators
  • Removable emergency exit panels
  • Detailed fuselage
  • Bomb bay doors optionally opened
  • Nose segment with radar
  • Detailed cockpit and operations center
  • Mobile cockpit access ladder
  • 2 bomb bays with a total of 16 AGM-69 SRAM guided missiles
  • Additional fuel tank in 3rd bomb bay
  • Super decals for two USAF versions