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Tamiya re-issues their superb Beaufighter kit in a "night fighter version," though the only differences between this and their earlier release is that it's molded in black instead of gray plastic, and the decals differ.

This is easily the best 1/48 kit of the Beaufighter yet produced. Parts are perfectly crisp with no signs of flash anywhere. The radar antennas are extremely fine -- they'll require careful handling. Pilot/gunner figure is nicely molded, too (same guy twice). Clear parts, too, are very transparent and not overly thick. Instrument panel detail is raised and good-looking, as is the rest of the modestly-detailed interior. Canopy can be open or closed. There are no separate flap parts. Most importantly, you're given all the parts necessary to build a night fighter version, with loads of antennas, or an attack bomber version, with loads of rockets. Overall, this kit has quite a few more parts that other recent Tamiya aircraft kits due to the nature of the Beaufighter and all the stuff sticking out from it.

Decals are included for aircraft from 600th Squadron and 29th Squadron (see box art).