1/48 F-117A Nighthawk

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Tamiya's next 1/48th aircraft release seems to always be the must heavily speculated-upon topic in the Internet modeling community, but absolutely nobody was predicting a Nighthawk (I won't call it the "stealth fighter" because, of course, there's nothing fighter-like about this aircraft at all). For Tamiya, however, it was a logical decision, as the 1/72 F-117 they market here in Japan in their "Warbirds" series (reboxed Italeri kits) is by far their best-seller in that line.

One is startled a bit upon opening the box -- the huge upper-half part, which includes all upper surfaces of the fuselage and wings, excluding the flaps, stares out at you sealed thoughtfully into its own little bag with a backing card. It almost seems like the kit's half-finished in the box. You have to take this out to get a look at anything else, and below that you'll find the whole bottom of the plane, again on its own runner, and five smaller runners containing parts for the inside of the payload bay, landing gear, cockpit details, elevons, tail fins, canopy pieces (smoke-tint transparent parts) and ordnance (two GBU-27A Paveway IIIs).


Features include elevons up or down, cockpit open or closed, bomb bay open or closed, moving tail fins, and gear bay doors open or closed. Thoughtful touches include a piece of protective runner that guards the delicate nose pitot tubes which you can leave on until the final steps, masking seals for use in painting those zig-zag lines on the canopy, and decals (Japanese-printed) for two aircraft (No. 813 of the 416th TFS "Ghost Riders" and No. 828 of the 417th TFTS "Bandits", both of the 37th TFW).


Detail and parts fit are totally Tamiya, and that's all that needs to be said about that.