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The F-14 Tomcat was the strongest defense aircraft fighter plane used by the U.S. Navy from 1970 to its retirement in 2006. Although it was initially deployed as fleet defense, since the 1980s it was equipped with a reconnaissance camera pod. In the 1990s, its use as a ground attack fighter began, and in the middle of that decade it was equipped with the Lantern Sighting Pod and laser-guided bombs for precision long-distance attacks. The F-14D featured a digitally replaced radar fire control system, longer detection distance and higher processing speed. 55 of the F-14D were built, which were the final production type of the series, and it was deployed starting in 1992. It was mainly used in patrol duties in souther Iraq, counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan, and air support and reconnaissance in the Iraq War.

This model kit will be approximately 39.8cm long when completed, with a wingspan of 40.8cm with the main wing in the forward position. The characteristic variable wings are movable, with both wings interlocking. Lots of extras and a wealth of weapons are included, such as laser-guided and GPS-guided bombs, lantern pods and reconnaissance camera pods, jamming pods, and late-stage air-to-air missiles. Includes decals for 4 versions.