1/700 RAN HMAS Perth D-38

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he Perth-class destroyers were three modified Charles F. Adams-class guided missile destroyers operated by the Royal Australian Navy (RAN). Ordered from Defoe Shipbuilding Company during 1962 and 1963, HMA Ships Perth, Hobart, and Brisbane were the first guided missiled-armed warships, and the first naval ships of United States design, to enter service with the RAN. All three ships operated during the Vietnam War, while Brisbane also participated in the Gulf War. The class was decommissioned between 1999 and 2001, with all three vessels later sunk as dive wrecks.
This "Premium Edition" kit from Dragon includes 5 detailed plastic sprues, a photo-etched sprue (for railings, radar units and antenna) and a comprehensive waterslide decal sheet. There are markings for over 30 versions of the Charles F. Adams class, including all three Royal Australian Navy Ships:
  • D-38 HMAS Perth
  • D-39 HMAS Hobart
  • D-41 HMAS Brisbane
GSI Mr Hobby Paints reccomended for completion:
  • H1 White
  • H3 Red
  • H9 Gold
  • H11 Flat White
  • H12 Flat Black
  • H307 Gray
  • H322 Phthalo Cyanine Blue
  • H325 Light Gray
  • H331 Dark Sea Gray