1/72 C-130 H Hercules with RAAF markings and paint set

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The C-130 is the most popular Western military transport aircraft designed and built in the USA. This plane has been in production longer than any other aircraft in history and forms the backbone of the military air transport of the United States, NATO members and many other countries. The most popular variant is the C-130H. Its maiden flight was in 1964, and regular production started in 1965. The aircraft was equipped with a new reinforced wing box, improved brakes, new aircraft electronics and a powerplant with four T56-A-15 turboprop engines. Up to now, more than 2,500 planes of various variants have been manufactured.

The Zvezda 1/72 RAF C-130H Hercules from the plastic aircraft model kits range accurately recreates the real life aircraft. This model requires paint and glue to complete.

Decal Options

  • С-130H, serial no. 78-0811, 758th Airlift Squadron of the US AIR FORCE, Pittsburgh airbase, 2007.

  • C-130H, 14th Aviation Squadron of the Polish Air Force, Podwiz airbase, 2010.

  • C-130H serial no.95178, 15th Composed Transport Squadron of the Republic Korea Air Force, Seongnam airbase, 2012.

  • С-130H serial no.83-0002, 401th Tactical Airlift Squadron of the Japan Self Defense Forces, Nagoya/Komaki airbase, 2020.

  • С-130H serial no.66-8565, Lyneham Transport Wing of the Royal Air Force, Lyneham airbase, 1991. This aircraft took a part in “Operation Desert Storm”.

This kit also comes with the SMS colour lacquer paint set for the RAAF C-130 Australian camo scheme.


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