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The Type 10 has been in production since 2011, and was deployed to the Japan Groun Self Defense Force (JGSDF) Fuji School in January 2012. Compared with the Type 90, the vehicle weight has been greatly reduced. The Type 10 can be transported on one trailer, unlike the Type 90 which had to be disassembled and loaded onto two trailers. It also has IT-based communication equipment, and a C41 network system has been introduced to allow data sharing between squadrons, the command center, and air units. Furthermore, modular armor has been incorporated. Components can be equipped via blocks, making battlefield maintenance easier. The main cannon uses APFSDS and HEAT-MP type shells, with better penetration compared to standard shells. The Type 10 is also equipped with an altitude control unit and 7.62mm/12.7mm machine guns as secondary armament.

  • [Mold Color]: Black, dark green
  • [Includes]: Decals, photo-etched parts, plastic links