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If those Seed recoloring HG releases weren't good enough for you, then maybe this new line will strike your fancy! The Strike Rouge with its iconic red and pink color scheme re-appears. Part of the All Gundam project which seeks to bring new modern kits from older Gundam titles. The Aile Strike shares a common construction with other kits to allow for part swapping and easy customization. Utilizing parts and sleek new proportions from the HG Build Strike Gundam, the Aile Strike features an unrivaled range of motion and sharpness of detail compared to its past incarnations.



- Aile striker unit is detachable

- Custom seals included for accurate modeling

- Released with accurate color molding

- Aile Striker Pack

- Beam Rifle

- Shield

- 2 Beam Saber

- 2 Armor Schneider