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From the immensely popular side story "Gundam SEED Astray" comes the guardian of the "Declaration of the Sky '', Gold frame Amatsu Mina, to the RG series! The stealth functions of Amatsu Mina have been independently investigated. The differences in texture of the external parts of the actual mobile suit have been realistically recreated through the use of colored plastic and different materials. The arms are movable and have the ability to be extended and retracted, a mechanism that is unique to the RG series. The rear-mounted Maga no Ikutachi incorporates deployment, extension, and retraction gimmicks.

Detailed gimmicks have been recreated based on the Actuator and other mechanisms used on the actual mobile suit. Amatsu Mina's extensive weaponry has also been replicated with superb detailing. The spear-shaped weapon, Okitsu no Kagami, used for both offense and defense, is crafted utilizing solid and clear parts for the first time in the 1/144 scale.



- Okitsu no Kagami x1

- Trikeros Kai x1

- Totsuka no Tsurugi x2

- Tsumuha no Tachi x1

- Magashira Hoko x2. Runner x14

- Realistic decal x1

- Wire (1.9x150 mm) x1

- Wire (1.5x290 mm) x1

- Instruction manual x1