Zoids Customize Parts Attack Booster Set

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Customize your "HMM (Highend Master Model) Zoids" model kits with this Attack Booster Set! Sold together with the Green Horn AB, it can be used on a wide variety of HMM Zoids model kits. This booster set will enhance your Zoid's armament, speed and mobility with its completely new design and ease of assembly! The booster part and the cover are now movable without interlocking, making it possible to move the booster more freely; the expansion and contraction of the barrel of the AZ High Density Beam Cannon and the rear fin are no longer linked, making them easier to handle. The side of the attack booster has a 3mm axis, so it can be attached not only to the arm, but also directly to a Zoid with a 3mm-port hard point. The joint cap attachment part on each part of the arm serves as a 5mm shaft and a 3mm port, allowing a wide variety of attachments. By selecting the parts to be installed on the lower edge of the arm, it is possible to use the joint cap mounting part, or the Blade Liger laser blade mounting part. Clear orange and colorless clear parts are included for the sensor part, and decals with various caution marks are included for a precise finish. Order yours today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 11.5cm long when completed
  • [Materials]: PS