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The F-16 Fighting Falcon is a lightweight, compact fighter aircraft designed to 

perform a wide range of military mission profiles. More than 4,000 F-16s have 

been or will be produced for 24 nations worldwide. The first F-16A achieved initial 

operational capability in 1979. As of 2004, more than 11 million flight hours 

have been logged by F16s from 20 air forces worldwide. The United States Air Force 

remains the world's largest operator for the type with more than 1,200 units in 

service of all models. 

The two-seat Block 50 F-16D, also known as F-16DJ, is a Block 40 follow-on 

with more powerful engine models and new weapon options. The US Air Force has 

integrated the HTS pod in some F-16DJs for suppression of enemy air defenses 

using the HARM missile. The Block 50 F-16D was deployed in 1991.



Decal option: 


USAF 555FS “Triple Nickle” Aviano AB, Italy - Block 40


USAF 35th Fighter Wing/Pacific Air Forces (PACAF), Misawa AB, Japan



Product highlights:


WAR HUD, AIM-120B and AIM-120C missiles, positionable slat/flaps, 

GBU-38 bombs included.


450+ Parts



"Rich" Weapons List included:


AGM-9M, AIM-120B, AIM-120C,AGM-65, AGM-88, GBU-24, GBU-31, GBU-87,GBU-12,GBU-38,Mk.82, 

ALQ-131, ALQ-184,


AAQ-13, AAQ-14,AAQ-28,Sniper XR