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This is an electrical part such as a motor, light, LED or switch.

HiQ Parts presents a special LED lighting system for customizing mechs and other models! Using a USB power supply a base, you'll be able to illuminate your mechs, cars, dioramas, and other model kits. The system was created to make LED lighting model kits a snap, so that anyone can illuminate their models without knowledge or experience with LED wiring.

All it takes is connecting power supplies, switches, and branch boards from the lineup together to create custom functions. The board is specifically designed for model kits and fits a 20mm square! 

This is a set of two, prewired LED lamps in amber. They're extremely small -- about 1.8 x 0.9mm -- so they're great for fitting into small parts of your model kit. Just plug them into an EXB4 board or SW1 switch, and you're done!

Minimal Connector

The connector is designed so that it cannot be inserted incorrectly. Don't force it in; if it doesn't fit, just turn it around. The connector itself is very small, and only needs a 3mm diameter hole to fit through along with the wiring. It can accommodate smaller areas, too, with just a 0.7mm slit for the wiring to slide through.

Pre-Wired, Ultra-Small LED

The tip of the light-emitting LED is about 2mm and a variety of colors will be offered in the lineup. Any colors in the series lineup can be used at the same time. By using a branch board, up to 10 lights can be turned on simultaneously (using BTBUSB). The lighting pattern can also be changed using a pre-programmed branch board.

Dedicated Design Board

All necessary functions are concentrated on a dedicated design board that measures about 2cm square. It's also very thin for ease of use with model kits; the thickest portion is only 3.8mm thick.

Screw Notches

Notches for screwing the board into place are included, so you can secure your board and prevent wobbling when switching cords or turning switches on and off. Convenient for stacking multiple boards, too.

Recommended screw size: M1.6 x 4mm / M1.6 x 8mm
* Lower hole: 1.3mm