Zoids RZ-013 Buster Tortoise (Reissue)

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Kotobukiya brings back its "Highend Master Model (HMM)" version of the mighty Buster Tortoise! A variation of the Cannontortoise, the Buster Tortoise is equipped with a massive 720mm long-range buster cannon that can deliver a devastating blow to enemy forces from a distance. This model kit of the Buster Tortoise comes molded in color, and allows you to build a sharp posable model of the tortoise-type Zoid! Its head can be pushed in and front legs moved to horizontal positions to set it in defense mode, and the personnel hatch on the left side of its shell is openable. A sheet of marking stickers is provided to add custom detail to your completed model. Includes exploded-view pictorial-type instructions, with notes in Japanese. Place your order today!

  • [Size]: Approximately 19cm long, 12cm tall when completed
  • [Materials]: PS, ABS, PVC (non-phthalic acid), synthetic rubber