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The heavily-armed Zoid with overpowering attack force.

The heavy assault Zoid created by the Helic Republic Dibison joins the Zoids lineup with a wide variety of new decals!

The model’s unique form boasts an impressive range of articulation and flexibility on its hip and neck joints, allowing it to be displayed in a variety of dynamic action poses.

In addition to the original clear orange head cockpit, the kit also includes an additional clear part that can be customized with model paint.

Be sure to add this Zoid used in the first line of offense in the counterattack against the Empire to your very own collection!

  • The cockpit hatch on the head can be opened and closed, allowing for a pilot figure to be placed inside.
  • The hatch of the 8-Shot Missile Pod on the head can be opened and closed.
  • The Zoid Core inside the model’s torso can be removed.
  • Each cannon on Dibison’s signature 17-Shot Megalo Max Assault Cannons can be adjusted individually for optimal customization. This model also comes in an HMM-original cannon fort transformation mode.
  • The clear parts of the head cockpit come in the standard clear orange as well as a clear color for your preference.
  • All new emblem and caution mark decals to recreate the world of Zoids are included in this kit.
  • Scale: 1/72
  • Product Size: Total length 300mm
  • Parts: 401 - 600
  • Material: PS・PE・ABS・PVC (Phthalate-free)
  • Design: Masaru Ashizawa
  • Box Dimension:  40 x 33 x 14.5 cm
  • Weight: 1445g