1/24 Mclaren Senna

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Check out the latest limited release from Tamiya - the McLaren Senna! The complex aerodynamic shape of the car is reproduced exactly as it is in the real car. The midship-mounted V8 twin-turbo engine, sub-frame and suspension are all beautifully detailed. The transparent window and roof parts can be assembled without glue and do not need to be painted. The transparent parts for the windows and roof are fitted into the upper monocoque and the outer pillars and body panels are assembled. The transparent panels on the doors can also be assembled without using any glue. The brake discs and calipers are separate parts for ease of painting. The exhaust end and number plate at the rear of the car are available in US (left) and European (right) versions. Once completed it'll measure approximately 19.8cm x 5.1cm. This car kit boasts even more unbelievable features, so grab one for yourself today before it's too late!