1/35 British Cromwell Mk.IV Cruiser Tank

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The Cromwell Mk.IV tank was designed to be one of a series of British cruiser tanks, the idea being these tanks would to lighter armed but fast and able to take the place of cavalry on the battlefield. The tank was named after Civil War leader Oliver Cromwell and was the first British tank to enter service that combined high speed and a reliable engine, that being the Rolls-Royce Meteor, with reasonable amounts of armour protection. The Cromwell first saw action in the Battle of Normandy during the Allied invasion of Europe in June 1944. The tank was fast and reliable and was capable of speeds over 65kph and compared favourably to tanks of a similar weight such as the Sherman and Panzer 1V. Most Cromwell's were armed with a 75mm Q.F.Mk.V/VA, which was based on the 6 Pdr but was chambered to fire American ammunition. This was a very good dual purpose gun able to engage and destroy anti-tank guns at long range or penetrate the frontal armour of the Panzer VI at normal ranges, but was useless against the heavier German tanks. Going on past WWII the Cromwell would see service in the Korean War and was finally retired in the late 1950's.

  • Detailed plastic parts molded in dark green and attached to sprues
  • Highly accurate static display model
  • Realistically reproduced exterior detailing
  • Choice of open or closed hatches
  • Detailed flexible tracks
  • One lifelike commander figure
  • Includes tow cable and mesh netting
  • Waterslide decals
  • Includes detailed pictorial instructions