1/35 Jagdtiger 128 mm Pak L66 & 88mm Pak L71 2 in 1

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The Jagdtiger is a German heavy tank destroyer developed in the latter half of World War II. This model kit from Takom can be built as a vehicle that was to have been manufactured with the same 71-caliber 88mm tank gun as the Jagdpanther, or a 66-caliber 128mm anti-tank gun that was a longer version of the 55-caliber 128mm gun mounted on the Jagdtiger. The kit can be built with the main hatch opened or closed; the tracks are link-and-length type. Photo-etched parts, decals for four versions, and a metal 128mm PaK L66 gun barrel are included. Place your order today!


  • [Includes]: Photo-etched parts, metal gun barrel, decals for 4 versions