1/48 U.S. Howitzer Motor Carriage M8

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During World War II, the M8 was developed by the U.S. military as a vehicle to replace the conventional self-propelled howitzer that diverted half-tracks. Equipped with an open-top turret on a body based on the M5 light tank, the main gun was a 75mm howitzer M3 that could fire anti-tank howitzers and smoke grenades in addition to normal howitzers. A total of 1,778 of this tank was produced from September 1942 to January 1944. Widely deployed in Italy, northwestern Europe, and the Pacific Theater, the M8 made use of its superior firepower and high mobility to take on defensive bases. It gained trust as a powerful backup for friendly troops, and continued to fight until the end of the war.

Tamiya's model kit of the M8 realistically represents the vehicle's height and compact style based on research conducted on the actual vehicle. The gun turret, which had a howitzer with a protective sleeve, has been recreated with a reduced number of parts; its sighting device and the main gun loading section are fully reproduced for a rich three-dimensional effect. The M2 heavy machine gun mounted on the rear is also fully detailed. Ease of assembly is the focal point of this kit; the tracks are articulated with straight sections. A full-body figure and decals for two versions are included. Order yours today!

  • [Size]: 9.2cm long, 4.8cm wide when completed
  • [Includes]: Figure, decals for 2 versions