1/72 M1296 Stryker ICV Dragoon

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Dragon's Armour Pro series continues with its brilliant 1/72 scale plastic kits of the US Army's Stryker 8x8 vehicle family, the next being the M1296 Stryker Infantry Carrier Vehicle (ICV) Dragoon. In fact, the M1296 is the latest variant to enter service, with its production being approved in 2015 and the first one being handed over to the US Army's 2nd Cavalry Regiment in 2017. The Dragoon provides Stryker Brigade Combat Teams with much-needed firepower, its main armament being a Mk.44 Bushmaster II 30mm cannon in a Kongsberg MCT-30 unmanned turret, with a 7.62mm M240 fitted coaxially alongside. It has a crew of two (commander and driver) and can still carry a full squad of nine infantrymen in the rear compartment.
This is a stunning 1/72 scale kit of the M1296 Stryker ICV Dragoon. Based on the regular M1126 ICV, it comes with a correctly shaped and detailed turret containing the 30mm cannon. This MCT-30 turret, made by slide mold, sets the Dragoon apart from other Stryker variants, making it a standout member of the family. All components are sharply rendered. Multi-directional slide molds permit major assemblies such as the upper hull or lower hull to be of one piece. This M1296 Dragoon of the US Army is ready to do some rapid-fire damage on the battlefield!