1/72 Sd.Kfz.181 Pz.Kpfw.VI Ausf.E Gruppe Fehrmann Tiger I

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Dragon's Armor Pro series has a fantastic new 1/72 scale kit representing a mighty German Tiger I tank. This kit carries the title of Gruppe Fehrmann, and the plastic model represents Tigers from this rather interesting ad hoc unit that was formed towards the end of WWII. Indeed, at that time Germany was being squeezed from both east and west by the Soviets and Allies respectively, and Wehrmacht units were being disbanded and re-forged regularly. One such provisional unit formed in early 1945 was Gruppe Fehrmann, named after Oberleutnant Fehrmann who led a formation of six Tiger Is and five Panthers. These tanks bore an "F" prefix to denote their unit, and they were numbered from F01 to F13. This unit fought against the Allies in the area of the Ruhr Pocket on the Western Front and, in various engagements, the German tanks were knocked out or broke down one by one.
This new 1/72 scale kit allows modelers to produce a Tiger I specific to Gruppe Fehrmann. The Tigers of this unit had an eclectic mix of early and late features, such as an Early-Production turret mated to a Late-Production chassis/hull. To add detail, there are preformed metal exhaust covers and a selection of photo-etched parts. For modelers wishing to depict a more unusual subject from the desperate last days of WWII, this kit of a Gruppe Fehrmann Tiger I is the perfect solution!