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A collection of 8 suits from the Char's counterattack movie each with a spring loaded weapon launcher among its weapons!

Here's a fantastic box set with not only seven of previously released BB Senshi plastic model kits of Mobile Suits from "Char's Counterattack," but also Rezin's Custom Geara Doga, a brand-new entry in the BB Senshi series released for this set!

The eight Mobile Suits include Nu Gundam, Re-GZ, Sazabi, Jegan, Geara Doga, Rezin's Custom Geara Doga, Gyunei's Custom Jagd Doga, and Quess's Custom Jagd Doga. Each kit is molded in color and comes with stickers for detail. No glue or paint required, although painting would add a more realistic appearance to the final product. Spring-loaded weapons are included for Nu Gundam, Sazabi, both Jagd Dogas, Jegan, and both Geara Dogas, while Re-GZ can switch to space fighter mode. The perfect weekend project for both beginners and experienced modelers alike!


  • Item Size: 31.0cm x 20.0cm x 10.3cm