Circle Sticker X Sticker Blue Glow In The Dark (2.0mm - 6.0mm) (1 piece)

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Glow in the dark fun! Pre-Cut Light-Storing Stickers

Just stick them on to light up your kit!

These stickers are made of a light-storing material that stores light from sunlight or black light and emits light in the dark, cut into small, easy-to-use round shapes for use on models. The material is characterized by high luminosity and long-lasting luminescence. Fine-tipped tweezers are recommended to remove the stickers.


Caution: Close-up photography not recommended, as gray grains may be noticeable on the surface when photographed. The grains are derived from the material and cannot be removed by wiping.

Size/Sheet 55mm x 91mm (see attached table for the size of each sticker)


  • 2.0mm 16 pieces
  • 2.5mm 16 pieces
  • 3.0mm 14 pieces
  • 3.5mm 14 pieces
  • 4.0mm 12 pieces
  • 5.0mm 5 pieces
  • 6.0mm 5 pieces