Circular Sticker X Series Polarized (2.0-6.0mm) 1 pcs

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This is a fundamental building material for use in scratch-building or customizing models.


Color changes from orange to green depending on viewing angle

Circular Cut Seals

Circularly cut stickers made of polarized material. The color changes from orange when viewed from the front to green when viewed from the side, helping to add expression to the model.

In addition to sticking them in the circular depressions, you can also use them to make lens parts by filling them with UV-curing resin.

This is not an opaque material. It transmits about 70% of light. When peeling off the stickers, fine tweezers are required.

What is the X series?

The X series is a series of high-cost materials with light-storing and polarizing effects. The overall size of the sheet is smaller than that of a regular circular seal.

Size :

  • Sheet 87mm x 51mm, featuring circles and rectangles of various sizes
  • Thickness: Approx. 0.08mm (including adhesive)