EZ-016 Saber Tiger Marking Plus Ver.

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The Saber Tiger is back in Kotobukiya's Zoids lineup with new decals!

Constructed by the Zenebas Empire, this high-speed combat Zoid is a powerful foe that can never be taken lightly, especially with its agile movement and deadly weaponry! Upon completion, the kit will feature an openable cockpit complete with a pilot figure to position inside, and features plenty of movable joints that allow for animalistic poses. The Zoid Core is detachable, and in addition to the clear green cockpit, a colorless clear part is also included that you can keep as-is, or paint the color of your choice. Decals featuring various emblems are also included for your customizing pleasure. Be sure to add the Saber Tiger to your Zoids team!

  • [Figure Size]: About 27cm long
  • [Materials]: PS, PE, ABS, PVC, rubber
  • [Parts Count]: 201 to 400