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Flex100 500ml

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The FLEX100™ has an extremely high level of flexibility so you can 3D print compressible and bendable models.

The thinner the part, the more flexible it will be. FLEX100™ can be used on its own or by mixing with our other resin systems to produce varying degrees of flexibility and firmness. By adding a small amount of FLEX100™ to our other resins would create a less brittle and more durable part. By adding larger amounts, the more flexible it will become.

Remember to use scales to weigh the resins so results can be repeated. We recommend you make 100grams at a time to keep the ratios simple. For example, for a firm, durable resin try 25:75 mix – 25 grams of FLEX100™ to 75 grams of hard resin. For a very flexible version, you could try 90:10 mix 90 grams of FLEX100™ and 10 grams of hard resin.

IMPORTANT: When mixing FLEX100™ with our other resin systems, please ensure that you cure for a long enough time to fully cure the flexible resin. This is a slower curing resin and takes more UV exposure to fully cure. Although the part might look perfectly formed, if it hasn’t been cured for long enough, cracks may appear due to the resin being under cured.