My Plan NR-PC (F) (Rail Pattern A + B)

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This is an N Gauge electric train model.

Australian plug Adapter required.

(Below translated from Tomix website)

If you purchase it together with your favorite Tomix vehicle set, you can enjoy driving right away with this rail and power unit set, which is perfect for getting started with railway models.
It comes in a compact package with storage in mind.

● A TOMIX rail and power unit set that is perfect for beginners
● The rail arrangement is pattern A oval-shaped circuit with pattern B siding line
● Power unit is N-DU101-CL with one handle and constant lighting
● Complete 2 selectable electric points (synthetic sleepers) included

Product details
[Control equipment]
●Power unit N-DU101-CL
●Point control box NW
●DC feeder N

●Straight rail S140-PC(F)
●Straight rail S280- PC(F)
●Straight rail S72.5-PC(F)
●Relay rail S140-RE-PC(F)
●Curve rail C280-45-PC(F)
●Curve rail C541-15-PC(F)
●Electric Synthetic sleeper point N-PR541-15-SY(F)
●Electric synthetic sleeper point N-PL541-15-SY(F)

[Layout supplies]

●Runner parts: Dummy point motor
●Runner parts: Dummy Point switching machine base
●Parts: Slope gangboard
●Seal: Point control box seal
●AC adapter

*The product may differ from the model and specifications of the actual vehicle.
*The colors shown in the photos may differ from the actual colors depending on lighting and monitor settings.

(From Tomytec website)