Nissan Fairlady Z (Z34) 370Z

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The latest (and most powerful) incarnation of the legendary Nissan Fairlady Z hit the streets here in Japan in December of 2008, and has been turning heads ever since! Recapturing the look of the earlier Z cars, this new Nissan sports car (called 370Z in the overseas markets) brings affordable high performance to car aficionados around the world.

Tamiya's release of the Z34 Fairlady Z features all the great detail and excellent fit that modelers have come to expect from the Big T...coupled with the Z34's knock-out styling and legendary performance, this kit is a winner on every level! A curbside kit with no engine detail. Can be built as either a right-hand or left-hand steering version. Molded in white with matte chrome wheels and black rubber tires. Includes optional spoiler. Markings are provided as decals and metallic seals. Front wheels are positionable.