One-Touch Connector LED Series 2 - 4-branch Board Flashing for Old Red Light (for BTBUSB)

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What is the One-Touch LED Series 2?

One-touch LED Series 2 is an LED lighting system specially designed for embedded use in models.

Necessary functions are integrated into a thumb-sized small board, and functions such as power supply, switches, branching, and programmed blinking can be added by simply connecting the necessary boards together.

Since the system is based on USB power supply, it is suitable for long-term use in exhibitions and diorama applications.

This series is easy to reconnect wires, which reduces trouble during electrical decoration work that requires a lot of trial and error.

Two types of programmed boards for blinking old-type red lights are now available. They reproduce the blinking intervals and alternating blinks of the red lights, and are ideal for decorative work on police patrol cars.

How to set up your lights:

  • 1.For boomerang type red light

Requires the 4-branch board for flashing boomerang-type red light (for BTBUSB) [EXB4-PBM]. (sold separately)

This is an additional board for reproducing the boomerang type and blinking LED red lights that have been used in recent years.

2. For old type red light

This is the product you're currently reading about - the 4-branch board for flashing old-style red light (for BTBUSB) [EXB4-PQ].

The lamp is programmed to light up in a way that mimics a light bulb.

Last but not least is the Extension Harness 20cm (2 pcs) [WH20] (sold separately)

This harness is twice as long as the harness (WH10) that comes with the EXB4 and SW1.

Use this when you want to extend the installation location!