One-touch LED Series2 Magnetic Switch Board (1pcs)

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This is an electrical part such as a motor, light, LED or switch.


Switch for internal use that can be switched on and off with a magnet

This is a switch board that can be switched on and off by applying the N and S poles of a magnet to the board.

Since the switch can be switched by magnetic force delivered, it can be used in cases where you do not want the switch exposed on the surface.

It is used by connecting between a power supply part of [BTB series] (sold separately) and a board of [EXB4 series] (sold separately).

If you want to use a box for CR2032 button battery [BTB2032], one LED lamp, and this product to light up, you need to cut the jumper on the back side to prevent overcurrent.

For details, please browse the connection examples on the site. https://hiqparts.info/oled2


Contents Magnetic switch board - 1 pc.


The One Touch LED Series 2 is a specially designed LED lighting system for model incorporation.

Necessary functions are concentrated on a small thumb-sized board, and functions such as power supply, switches, branching, and programmed blinking can be added simply by connecting the necessary boards together.

Since the system is based on USB power supply, it is suitable for long-term use in exhibitions and diorama applications.

This series is easy to reconnect the wiring, reducing problems during electrical decoration work, which often involves trial-and-error.