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The long-awaited RG version of the TV version of “Wing Gundam” with completely new modeling!



- Various gimmicks to reproduce the setting mechanism and poses in the play, and the original gimmick based on the actual machine verification are condensed to a 1/144 scale.

- Introduced an original movable gimmick with the image of a bird in the wing part based on the actual machine verification unique to RG.

- “Advanced MS joint” is used for the base of the wing.

- Built-in movable gimmicks on shoulders and body block to reproduce the dynamic posture of Buster rifle and beam saber.

- By rearranging the parts, it can be transformed into a bird form.

- By using action-based compatible parts, it is possible to display not only in MS state but also in bird form.



- Buster Rifle x 1

- Shield x 1

- Beam saber x 1

- Hand parts (left and right) x 3 types each

- Weapon holder (right) x 1 type

- Action base compatible parts x 1

- Realistic decal x 1