Schneider Unit Marking Plus Ver. for Liger Zero

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The Changing Arms System that transforms the Liger Zero's silhouette and performance ability by changing its outer armor, and improves its close-combat abilities, joins the "Zoids" lineup in a Marking Plus version!

The Liger Zero Schneider can be recreated by combining this unit with RZ-041 Liger Zero Marking Plus Version. The vivid orange coloring and the multiple blades that make up this unit retain its original design from the series, with extra details added. This unit is molded in multicolored plastic, so just assembling the model kit will result in a product close to the character model. All-new emblem and caution mark decals are also included in this kit for users to enjoy.


  • The Laser Blades installed on each part can be moved as originally designed, and the E-Shield Generator on the head can also be expanded.
  • Clear parts that can be used for the cockpit on the head of the Liger Zero (base model) are also included.
  • All-new emblem and caution mark decals to recreate the world of "Zoids" are included in this kit.


Please note that this model kit only includes the Schneider Unit. Liger Zero (base model) is not included and is sold separately.