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The Subaru BRZ (ZD8) pursues a lower center of gravity by installing the horizontally-opposed Boxer engine unique to Subaru. In July 2021, the second-generation model of Subaru's first FR sports car, the Subaru BRZ, jointly developed with Toyota, was announced in Japan. Inheriting the basic form of the two-door coupe, it has evolved into a more dynamic style, with each part carefully made more aerodynamic. Aluminum materials were used for the hood, roof and fenders to reduce the weight. The 2.4-liter horizontally-opposed four-cylinder DOHC engine delivers 235 horsepower, contributing to the evolution of the development concent of "the ultimate FR pure sports car that everyone can enjoy."

This new model kit from Tamiya reproces the BRZ's stylish and dynamic form, such as the voluminous rear fender, spoiler-shaped side sill, and ducktail at the rear of the trunk lid, just as it is on the actual vehicle! The air inlets on both sides of the bumper, including the roof side molding, and the outlets at the rear of the front fender have been made into separate parts, eliminating the need for masking. The horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engine also includes auxiliary equipment such as batteries, fuse boxes and radiators. The hood can be opened and closed; it can be held open with a stay (made of resin) similar to that of the actual vehicle. The front and rear suspensions have a three-dimensional finish while reducing the number of parts; inlet marks are available on the door mirrors and rearview mirrors. The rear combination lamp case, backlight case, and muffler end are plated; sharp 10-spoke design wheels are fitted with textured solid rubber tires. The sporty intertior, with its horizontal dashboard, ABC pedals, MT shift knobs, and lever-type side brakes is also a highlight. The roof molding is a separate part to reduce masking time and effort. Order this spectacular kit of a groundbreaking new car for your own collection today!

  • [Size]: 17.8cm long, 7.4cm wide, 5.5cm high
  • [Includes]: Window frame masking stickers