Basic Set SD Twilight Express

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This is an N Gauge electric train model.

Australian plug Adapter required.

(Below Translated from Tomix website)

This is a total set that includes the sleeper express "Twilight Express", power unit PU-N600, and rails, making it the perfect set for getting started with railway models that you can enjoy right away.
The price is cheaper than purchasing each item separately, and the package is designed with storage in mind, making it a great value.

●A set that includes the sleeper express "Twilight Express"
 *The main specifications of the vehicle are based on <92459> JR EF81/24 series Twilight Express basic set
●3-car set of EF81, Ohanefu 25-500, Kani 24
- Combining this set and extension sets A and B will reproduce a full 11-car formation
- Logo mark and JR mark are printed
- Car numbers are printed on Ohanefu and Kani 24
- Equipped with power with flywheel (EF81)
- New collection Electrical system, black wheels adopted (passenger car)

[Control equipment]
●PU-N600 (green specification)

●Easy-to-handle fine track with rails that reproduce PC sleepers
●Easy and reliable connection
●Rail arrangement is the most basic Rail pattern A (oval type) ● Product details
with relay rail [Vehicle] ●EF81 (Twilight) ●Ohanefu 25-501 ●Kani 24-13 [Control equipment] ●Power unit PU-N600 ●DC feeder [Rail] ●Straight rail S140-PC(F) ●Straight rail S280-PC(F) ●Relayer rail S140-RE-PC(F) ●Curved rail C280-45-PC(F) [Layout supplies] ●Relayer [Accessories] ●Startup guide ●Instructions ●Runner parts: Printed head mark ●Runner parts: License plate, maker's plate ●Runner parts: Whistle, signal flame tube ●Runner parts: Slope/spacer parts ●AC adapter *The photos shown are prototypes ( There may be some differences in the product and specifications. *The product may differ from the model and specifications of the actual vehicle. *The colors shown in the photos may differ from the actual colors depending on lighting and monitor settings. (From Tomytec website)