1/72 Sd.Kfz.171 Panther Ausf.F

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The famous German Panther tank of WWII saw many modifications in its relatively brief lifetime, and its final evolution was the Ausf. F. In terms of design, the variant featured a new Schmalturm ("narrow") turret - a turret that had increased armour protection, a narrower frontal profile, a stereoscopic rangefinder, and provision for infrared sight equipment. The turret mounted a 75mm KwK44/1 L/70 gun and a coaxial MG42.
Although Germany's defeat in WWII prevented the Panther F from going into production, Dragon allows modellers to recreate what never was! This is an accurate rendition of a late-war German AFV design. As the Ausf. F was to be based exclusively on a chassis with steel-rimmed road wheels, this aspect is reflected in the kit. The turret has been completely retooled with the correct shape and profile. Using typically advanced molding technology, this is a unique kit of a novel tank. Extra convenience comes in the form of one-piece DS tracks too. Although it came too late to help Germany in WWII, this kit will be a lethal weapon in the hands of modellers!