Evangelion Production Model-02 (Pre-Colored Edition)

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Like the first EVA kit, it's an impressive 47cm tall and features easy-to-assemble parts. It also boasts a wide range of motion so you can freely pose it upon completion. A Mecha Model Stand is also available (sold separately) for easier posing!

[Included Accessories]:

  • 9 pairs of hand parts (17 pieces)
  • Umbilical cord
  • Progressive knife  x2
  • Pallet rifle  x2
  • Evangelion Super Electromagnetic Crossbow Gun
  • Evangelion Thunder Spear
  • Evangelion S-Type equipment for aerial combat
  • Lighting parts



  • The nozzle on the S-Type equipment can be freely moved.
  • The weapon rack can be opened and closed, and the progressive knife storage gimmick on the shoulder can be reproduced without replacing the parts.
  • Special lighting parts are included, and the lighting can be turned on and off by attaching and detaching the entry plug.
  • Includes a variety of weapon parts and 9 types of hand parts (17 in total) for various action posing and weapons.


Note: The stand is not included. Please note that the actual product specifications may be subject to change by the manufacturer.